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The small text reads (from top to bottom, left to right):
"Above: Cedric Adams --- Popular WCCO news commentator and top columnist of the Minneapolis Star, whose reputation is national, is one of the leading local features on Northwest airwaves."
"Above, left: Roy Brant -- WCCO News Editor. News covering local, national and world events are broadcast daily by Roy Brant."
"George Grim --- Radio director, Minneapolis Star, producer of 'Front Page Parade', writer of 'Exclusive', and 'News X-Ray'."
"Al Smeby --- For 13 years, Mr. Smeby has broadcast the markets --- vital business information for all Northwest farmers and livestock men."
"Dr. William A. O'Brien --- Dr. O'Brien has been a WCCO feature for 11 years with his Saturday morning health talks."
"These personalities are available for personal appearance through the WCCO Artists Bureau."
"Eddie Gallaher --- Able, accurate, colorful. WCCO's rapid-fire sports announcer and commentator."
"Rollie Johnson --- Veteran WCCO sports commentator, is shown describing an exciting 'turn' in the Intercollegiate Track and Field Meet, held in Minneapolis and presented by WCCO to a nationwide CBS audience."